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My Own Private Idaho

(Underground like a wild potato...)

Queen of The Conflict Weenies
9 October 1966
Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo
You're living in your own Private Idaho*
Living in your own Private Idaho
Underground like a wild potato.
Don't go on the patio.
Beware of the pool,
blue bottomless pool.
It leads you straight
right throught the gate
that opens on the pool.
You're living in your own Private Idaho.
You're living in your own Private Idaho.

Keep off the path, beware the gate,
watch out for signs that say "hidden driveways".
Don't let the chlorine in your eyes
blind you to the awful surprise
that's waitin' for you at
the bottom of the bottomless blue blue blue pool.

You're livin in your own Private Idaho. Idaho.
You're out of control, the rivers that roll,
you fell into the water and down to Idaho.
Get out of that state,
get out of that state you're in.
You better beware.

You're living in your own Private Idaho.
You're living in your own Private Idaho.

Keep off the patio,
keep off the path.
The lawn may be green
but you better not be seen
walkin' through the gate that leads you down,
down to a pool fraught with danger
it's a pool full of strangers.

You're living in your own Private Idaho,
where do I go from here to a better state than this.
Well, don't be blind to the big surprise
swimming round and round like the deadly hand
of a radium clock, at the bottom, of the pool.

Woah oh oh woah oh oh woah oh oh
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
Get out of that state
Get out of that state
You're living in your own Private Idaho,
livin in your own Private.... Idaho

I'm Julie. In June 2004 I moved to Idaho after fifteen years in Portland Oregon. I spent a few years working in office administration, but was laid off from my position with a large waste/recycling company back in November 0f 2002. My Mom, Jan, who had been living with me for almost a year, died in March of 2004 after a battle with cancer. Since then I have made my home in Idaho with my sweet gooberfishy, (AKA Kelly or K) (whom I met on ICQ on February 29, 2004). He proposed to me on May 20, 2007 and we were married on February 29,2008.

I'm currently employed as a data entry operator for a state agency that processes Workers Compensation claims. I started as a temp in October 2007, but in December was invited to become a regular employee, I'm pretty excited about that.

I had weight loss surgery on 6/3/02 and am doing very well, I've lost over 160 pounds. The only thing I regret is having to cut my long strawberry blonde hair, but the new style is flattering and worth it to be so much healthier.

I enjoy music, movies, books, a good cup of coffee and my family and friends, as well as my toy dachshund Shelby Wu and our beagle Maggie Mu. I spend time online with family and friends, and keep up with folks primarily via email and LiveJournal. I'm also on Facebook.

I spent five years active in a virtual community called Dreamscape, and I am a World of Warcraft player. (Argent Dawn, Alliance)

I am childfree by choice. This means I choose not to bear children of my own. It does NOT make me anti child. I am physically incabable of conceiving, but this is after years of doing everything in my power to prevent the very same thing.
I am online exactly as I am in person, or so I strive to be. The opinions in this journal are my own, and are often my very raw feelings, so reader be warned.

**Special thanks to my sweet buddy piemur for gifting me with my permanent account on 6/7/05- totally awesome!

Thank you, drive through. *G*

*Private Idaho, The B-52's from their album Wild Planet
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